Welcome to the Rabbit ECU Project – an effort to bring a powerful hobbyist engine ECU into the automotive DIY IOT world. And with a one-off kit price of just $99!

Rabbit ECU follows in the footsteps of the GP-meter 6.0 Project, bringing along all the proven power of the ECUHost daughterboard and OS, open-source application code and of course the wideband sensor controller! For users who prefer the ubiquitous Arduino controller, no problem because the Rabbit ECU also accepts the Due controller.

Check out the Rabbit ECU Due option first start, running a C14NZ engine with throttle body injection. Sequential port injection will be available in the coming months. RABBIT ECU FIRST RUN VIDEO

Rabbit ECU core features

  • 1 peak-hold injector driver
  • 4 saturated injector drivers
  • 4 igniter outputs
  • 8 1A general purpose switch to ground outputs
  • 2 1A general purpose switch to power outputs
  • 4 push-pull motor driver outputs
  • 1 LSU 4.2 interface
  • 1 CAN interface
  • 8 analog inputs
  • 2 multi-sensor friendly trigger wheel inputs
  • signal expansion for ALL ECUHost digital and analog I/O (up to 63 channels!)
  • daughter-board provisioning for additional power I/O

ECUHost Core Controller Information

Rabbit ECUHost Application Layer Source Code

ECUHost OS Layer Source Code (MK60)

ECUHost OS Layer Code (SAM3X8E – coming soon)

Rabbit ECU Forum – http://rabbitecuproject.freeforums.net/

MDAC ECUHost Calibration Tool

Rabbit ECU comes with the powerful freeware ECUHost calibration tool that can be configured any way you like. With 100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity, you get super-fast access to real-time data, great data-logging options and the ability to tune your DIY project on-the-fly!


Rabbit ECU Arduino DUE option

The Arduino Due (SAM3X8E) is a plug-in option that provides a lot of functionality at a great price. Basic features of the Rabbit ECU with the Arduino Due controller are:

  • Easy programming of simple applications with the existing Arduino IDE framework
  • Alternate open source port of ECUHost framework for a powerful RTOS compiled in Atmel Studio
  • 2 multi-trigger friendly (Hall Effect, optical or magnetic reluctor) crank and cam sensor inputs
  • 4 saturated injector drivers
  • 1 peak-hold injector driver
  • 4 igniter signals
  • CAN bus
  • LSU4.2 sensor controller
  • 8 analog inputs
  • 4 general purpose push-pull drivers
  • 8 low power low side relay drivers
  • dedicated power relay drive

Rabbit ECU ECUHost controller option

The ECUHost V1.4 project PCB is the more powerful plug-in option, featuring the 120 MHz ARM Cortex M4 Freescale Kinetis micro-controller. In addition to the I/O features of the Due version, the ECUHost controller option features:

  • 100 Mbps Ethernet (wired or WIFI) connection
  • 4 additional high-side drivers
  • daughter-board provisioning for 2nd CAN channel, 5A push-pull motor controller and quad variable camshaft control

Now our prototyping is complete, we are hoping to ship first orders by October 2016. To purchase a kit, ask questions or support our project, please contact us.


Main PCB

Crank Cam Multi Interface

Wide band Sensor


Saturated Injectors

Peak Hold Injector



Relay Drivers

Analog Inputs

High Side Drivers

Igniter Signals




Other Information and Documents

General Support Documents