MDAC GP-meter 6.0 is now released! This kit is simple to construct, needing only basic soldering skills and a few hours of your time.

See GP-meter 6.0 at the drag-strip here!

The kit contains everything you need (other than a few tools) to construct the MDAC GP-meter 6.0 dual LSU 4.X controller and basic harness. The GP-meter 6.0 LSU 4.X Sensor Interface harness kit and LSU 4.X sensors are sold separately.

The GP-meter 6.0 is also supplied built and tested.

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 is a stand alone LSU 4.2/4.9 controller with advanced PID heater and pump-cell control and a large, backlit LCD display. MDAC GP-meter 6.0 can also be easily upgraded with future open-source projects as they are published.

A free WIFI (or Ethernet if requested) connection Windows application makes software calibration, user settings changes and csv file data-logging fast and easy. The freeware software can also be downloaded below.

GP-meter 6.0 construction kit RRP is AUD119/USD99*.

LSU 4.X Sensor Interface Harness construction kit is AUD25/USD19*.

Complete BUILT & TESTED package (1 x GP-meter 6.0, 1 x Basic Harness, 2 x Sensor Interface Harness) is AUD199/USD159*.

*excludes taxes and shipping.

MDAC All Products Support Documents

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MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Datasheet

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MDAC ECUHost Calibration V1.0.0.1 Install

MDAC GP-meter 6.0 Application Source Code

Please note that because this is a kit form product, we can only warranty faulty components. Full support is provided for kit construction, testing and FREE upgrades as they become available.

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