Q. What skills do I need to build a kit-form product from MDAC?

A. You only need basic soldering skills! MDAC products such as GP-meter 6.0, Rabbit ECU and ECUHost® are populated PCBs (the surface mount components are all soldered on). You just need to mount and solder the castellated edges and assemble the product case.

Q. What sort of product can I develop with the ECUHost® V1.4?

A. ECUHost® is intended to be an powerful automotive controller core. A skilled developer could make a multi-cylinder ECU with plug and play capability. A less ambitious hobbyist could easily develop a turbo timer, data-logger, boost controller or CAN<->WIFI converter.

Q. Is ECUHost® V1.4 open source?

A. Yes. The ECUHost OS, project hardware and application software are all open-source and can be found at GitHub.

Q. Which micro families does the ECUHost OS run on?

A. Right now the ECUHost OS runs on ARM Cortex M4 NXP Kinetis MK60. We are working on hardware independence but only plan on targeting Cortex M3/M4 in the near future.

Q. Can MDAC design me an automotive product?
A. Absolutely — please contact us for more details.

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