ECUHost® is a powerful and versatile controller core system that enables enthusiast developers to create an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) at low cost. The ECUHost® system is encapsulated in a 69x84mm single sided, castellated edge PCB — making it a simple to integrate surface mounted ECU core solution.

A high performance Freescale ARM® Cortex®-M4 based Kinetis K series micro-controller delivers 120MHz RISC processing power as well as powerful connectivity (WIFI/Ethernet, USB, CAN, SPI, IIC, UART) and control (ADC, DAC, FlexTimer, GPIO) inputs and outputs.


The versatility of ECUHost® is enhanced by the addition of an 8Gb SD Card and a 1MBit FIFO which makes it easy to develop data-logging and data conversion projects in record time.

The ECUHost® controller core system features an easy to use multi-tasking and multi-threading operating system that provides flexibility in control, resource and task management and communications APIs. By choosing the ECUHost® controller core system, enthusiast developers can concentrate on application development and leave the scheduling, event and I/O management to the underlying OS and device drivers.

ECUHost® is now ported to Arduino Due! The Rabbit ECU Project gives automotive electronics enthusiasts an easy to use yet powerful platform for engine control projects.

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